The Legend of Ko
The Legend of Ko is a personal project which tells the charming story of a young girl called Ko, her mythical guardians and advisors - all through six hand illustrated and digitally coloured panels. The story and style combines Japanese mythology and modern illustration techniques, brought to life by Chris Mepham and Wayne Fick.
Guarded by a Greying wolf and a strangely calm Tiger, Ko feels safe protecting her lands and her people from those who would do them harm.  With her father's sword and the guidance of her Great Aunt Koyo, she keeps the old shogun from taking her lands and dividing her loved ones.

Old Wolf the warrior remembers a time where there were less wars, He remembers when the brave maiden Ko first took up her father's sword.  His love for the girl is what drives him to war - to protect her and her family. Wu the turtle remembers a time where there were no wars at all, there were less people then as well, but he likes Old Wolf because despite being so young he asks few questions.

Shiro the Ninja is a quiet soul and always has been he remains Ko’s patient companion through her life.  Perhaps that is why the elegant Peahen has adopted him as well.

Old Lady Koyo - wise aunt and guardian of Ko - talks to the spirit of her clan.

Komuso has no name of his own, surrendering it when he gave up his sword for a flute, only Koyo remembers who he was before. And maybe Usagi; but the rabbit is even less likely to speak of it.

Aki is a fierce warrior, and proud protector of Koyo; it is often seen as odd that her closest friend should be the playful and mischievous Kitsune.

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